#LL10 Why the past never really get passed?

It's always about love and lost and hate and tears! Haven't picked up my emotional mind for so long, but today I want to memorise this moment and farewell to this beautiful person.

I have fantised the first love when I was 17, which turned out imagination was so pure and magical. It was completely broken when the magic bubbles get poked! OOOPpps. Sometimes we always want everything be on the right track, right time, with right people, JUST EVERYTHING RIGHT. Who will listen to the unfortunate sayings: Come on, it takes your whole life to get to that person, hunt for that job.... at the end the life passes .. and here I am 26 years old, still being very nostalgia. Still believing everything is so ideal and pure. But human is just that complicated....

Egon Schiele

Austrian, 1890–1918

Crouching Nude, 1913

Pencil on paper.

12 5/8 × 18 7/8 in

32.1 × 47.9 cm

Damn...I was so much in love, how could this feeling be so strong! Every smile he had, every tears faded, every tickles involved, every second it ran, the two hearts pounded, kissed and embraced. When the lies got revealed , the person in front of you have been very unreal all this long time, every touch and every word have been a huge camouflage, the lies hurt.

The truth hurts.

The courage to accept them has been pounding hard, just like the very begining when our heart ran to each other.

Egon Schiele

Austrian, 1890–1918

kneeling female Nude, 1920


18 3/5 × 12 3/10 in

If one day, I could have chosen another ending, probably

I would have passed this beautiful lie.

Some people say the heart will bleed for REAL, I guess it is true now.

It bleeds so naturally, flows with the tears, and you realise that the heart has been cut by the one you are so in love...

Just tell me why?

Egon Schiele

Austrian, 1890–1918

Madchen. (Girl.), 1918

Crayon lithograph printed in black on cream rag paper. Presented in a dark grey stained frame with conservation acrylic glazing.

15 7/10 × 21 3/10 in

40 × 54 cm

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