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#LL6 Rebecca Serle | In Five Years

I still remember how minimal the title sounds, well so honestly direct. In five years, I would probably have a nice job and a nice family and a healthy life and....

"You mistake love.

You think it has to have a future in order to matter, but it doesn't. It's the only thing that does not need to become at all. It matters only insofar as it exists. Here. Now. Love doesn't require a future.”

- Rebecca Serle , the writer of In Five Years

I feel hurt by reading this line, not as hurt compared to a shattered broken heart, but a painful truth to be acknowledged love is such a moment. Then the form of it evolves into something else, sometimes we call it as companionship like family.

“Happiness. The enemy of all suffering.”

“If there’s a clock ticking toward anything, it should be your happiness.”

Um...such a contradictory feeling when I read these 2 sentences together. If the happiness has an enemy which we have to fight against and walk through an arduous path to reach the goal, it is tough and tearful, that makes me always want to give up on happiness? Absolutely no! Suddenly remember the question of why we cried when we were just born? An old saying interprets that no matter the tears are the happiness or the sadness, we were born to have a taste of it all. Maybe there is a baby who came to the world in a really quiet way?

Valerie Hird

Arumi: Air, 2013

Oil on canvas

36 × 48 in

Happiness never seems to be an easy job, less desire, less expectation, less troubles???

Be with someone you are deeply in love but the values are not the same, no...

Date someone with the values are the same but the chemistry not so enough, no....

Values are the same and chemistry just right there, DRAMAS ALWAYS SHOW UP!

So whatever happens, whenever he or she arrives..... there is always a problem of "THAT PERSON"!

We are so wrong, the problem comes from us, not the others. We choose to love ourselves way too much than we can realise that, we are likely to portray the ideal self on the other person but at the end blaming the others not loving ourselves enough.

Elspeth Diederix

Karawara & Frangipani, 2014

Archival pigment print 47 1/5 × 31 1/2 in

“I wish you understood that you could have love beyond your wildest dreams. Stuff movies are made of. You’re meant for that, too.” “I don’t think I am.” “You are. You know how I know?”

Excessive loves probably make us very occupied and romantic, but the fact that excessive as its literal meaning, something very extra that we do not need it if we can find a replacement.

Lau King

Alive or Dead, ca. 2019

Hahnemühle Fine Art Print

I would never want to be that excessiveness in anyone's life.

Nor I want you to be.

In five years, I want you to tell me your new definition of love.


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