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#LL1 Under a Certain Little Star

Was thinking if there is a context, a unique yet humorous imagination to reflect the concept of LOVE.

So I started this # Love Letter Series # Intrigued by the Polish Nobel Prize Winner Wislawa Szymborska, I then discovered this "Under a Certain little Star" .

If there is a sentence I would consider as Fall in Love at first sight, then it should be

"My apologies to an old love for treating the new one as the first."

In this enormous world, how often you meet the so called SOUL MATE? Yes, there is this person, yet there should be this person., there would be this person, well, there was this person....The struggle between the doubt and expectation seems very intensive (at least for me). When you have deeply fallen in love with the feeling that the fish can really fly on sky, you instantly notice that this moment comes, well shall you apologize to your "old love"? NOOOOO! It is not so necessary as all this happens so naturally, is just the feeling for all the new love is DISTINCTIVE than all the antique ones and would never be the same as before. Are you that sure?

I am doubtfully hesitated. Now I need to run fast to avoid the war between the old and the new love, but I can also sneak around with the pointed tip so I can pretend how elegant to be a deserter...I am definitely not escaping but you know...

Trace 9011, 2011-2013

Etsuko Ichikawa

Glaspyrograph on paper

30 × 22 1/2 in

Soul, don’t blame me that I’ve got you so seldom.

My apologies to everything that I can’t be everywhere.

My apologies to all for not knowing how to be every man and woman.

I know that as long as I live nothing can excuse me,

because I myself am my own obstacle.

Do not hold it against me, O speech, that I borrow weighty words,

and then labor to make them light.

Trace 3318 (diptych), 2018

Etsuko Ichikawa

Glass pyrograph on paper

30 × 45 in

The soul would never blame me, I am formally apologised to the self I have been in love, wait, that finger is pointing ferociously towards me. What have I done wrong? A memorial ritual should be carried out for the farewell of the old love, just to show my respect and still respect. How many of us have been suffering from the scuffle between should I or should not I? Move on or Forgive ____?

What if "because I myself am my own obstacle."?

Trace 0913, 2013

Etsuko Ichikawa

Glass pyrograph on paper

30 × 22 1/2 in

The biggest enemy is never anyone else but the behaviour you imprisoned your heart.

Let the wings fly through the skies where there are never the limit.

Goodbye to old love? Probably not necessarily need it, I personally enjoy the nostalgic moment as long as I know how to control the Action timing or Call it a day!


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